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The Shoot(s)



We offer two different levels of photography... BASIC (by Ryan $195); and PREMIUM (by Patrick and starting at $395). Ryan shoots properties from 250sqft to 4,000sqft while Patrick shoots small condos to properties/estates with up to 28,000sqft of living space.

The primary difference between the two levels of photography are the time spent at the property for the initial shoot and the time spent on editing to bring the images to life.

With the BASIC SHOOT, RYAN offers high quality images - better than 99% of the other photographers in the Coachella Valley area.  He schedules no more than four shoots a day and budgets approximately 30 minutes on each shoot to assist the Realtor in staging the property. Once he starts shooting he will be finished in 45 to 60 minutes. Ryan's editors are skilled in high volume editing and turn-around is usually next business day but no more than two business days.

With the PREMIUM SHOOT, PATRICK only schedules a maximum of two (2) shoots a day, six days a week.  This allows him ample time at each property to assist the Realtor to properly stage each area to capture the best possible angles and images.  Once Patrick starts shooting, he will be finished in one to two hours (depending upon the size of the property). For editing, Patrick spends five to ten hours per shoot to bring out the views through the windows and high level color/tone correction, to ensure the highest quality images.  Turn-around time on editing is usually one to two business days. Many of Patricks images have appeared on magazine covers and in newspapers around the world, including Palm Springs Life, The Desert Sun, LA Times, NY Times, London Times, Wall Street Journal, Dwell, Architectural Digest, and to many others to name.  If the absolute highest quality is what you seek, that's what Patrick will deliver. Patrick is also an FAA Certified Drone Operator (sUAS).



In my opinion, the day portion of the photo shoot is the most important.  Part of what you sell/rent in the desert is SUNSHINE.  When people think of the desert, what comes to their mind is relaxation, laying in the sun by the pool drinking Mai Tais. So sunshine on the pool area is very important.

Ryan  schedules his BASIC SHOOTS at 10:30, 12-noon, 1:30pm and 3:00pm.  When selecting the time make sure you have sunlight on the most important area of the exterior, the pool area.

Patrick schedules the DAY and AERIAL PREMIUM SHOOTS starting at 10:30am and 1pm. When selecting the time make sure you have sunlight on the most important area of the exterior, the pool area. A DAY shoot usually takes one and a half to two hours, depending upon the size of the property and how much “stuff” needs to be moved around. Yes, it could probably be shot in 45 minutes if staged properly, however that’s rarely the case - a “lived-in” home is much different than a “staged home.” My preference is always to create the best possible images to help you sell/rent the property quickly. You only have one chance to impress the potential buyer/renter - I believe you should make it your best. 



TWILIGHT shoots are shot by Patrick and start 15 to 30 minutes after technical sunset - meaning that the start time varies throughout the year. It must be dark enough for the pool and landscape lights to show but not so dark the sky is black. There is ONLY a 15 to 20 minute window once I start shooting. TWILIGHT images are usually shot outdoors to show a mountain or pool view (towards the mountains or the house). The three elements that make for a strong twilight shoot are pool/jacuzzi, mountains and landscape lighting.  If you have all three this is the best, however I wouldn't suggest a twilight shoot unless you have at least two of the three. In my opinion, twilight images are "sexy" however we are in the desert and I don't believe they are most critical to sell/rent a property.



Both Ryan and Patrick offer a Zillow Video Walkthrough on properties listed for sale. According to Zillow, a Video Walkthrough in your listing will automatically move your listing to the top of the search results on Zillow and Trulia.  THIS IS A HUGE BENEFIT and will most likely help sell your property quicker. The Video Walkthrough is filmed after the initial photo shoot is completed and with an iPhone with a special attached lens and a stabilizer. It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to film and are less than two minutes in length. Cost is $25 if filed the same day as a photo shoot; $50 if filmed on a  different day and we have completed a photo shoot; or $75 if we are only filming a Zillow Video Walkthrough. 




Keep in mind what looks good to your eye may not look good in the camera, a much smaller, much compressed, field of view.

It’s always best, but I understand not always possible, to schedule the shoot the day after the gardener, pool person and house cleaner.

The Digital Darkroom - I shoot high quality, realistic HDRI. While the camera is on a tripod I shoot nine exposures of the same scene. Each image is a different exposure which provides me with a wide range of lighting. This is so I can capture the outdoors and indoors, dark corners, etc., which are different brightnesses, in one image. Once I have the nine images on my computer, I will spend 60 to 90 minutes to blend three to four (one exposed for outdoors, one exposed for indoors, etc.) into one HDR image

Images are delivered to you with three versions of a Photo Tour and a link to download the images, usually 24 to 48 hours after the shoot (not including weekend hours).


The Premium Shoot may include daytime, aerial and twilight images... they are an extremely high quality photo shoot.  The rate will depend on the size and location of the property.