The Shoot



In our opinion, the day portion of the photo shoot is the most important.  Part of what you sell/rent in the desert is SUNSHINE.  When people think of the desert, what comes to their mind is relaxation, laying in the sun by the pool drinking Mai Tais.

A DAY shoot usually takes one and a half to two hours, depending upon the size of the property and how much “stuff” needs to be moved around. Yes, it could probably be shot in 45 minutes if staged properly, however that’s rarely the case - a “lived-in” home is much different than a “staged home.” Our preference is always to create the best possible images to help you sell/rent the property quickly. You only have one chance to impress the potential buyer/renter - I believe you should make it your best. 



KetchumPhotography has invested close to $3,000 in quadcopters/drones.  Some areas drones are not allowed to fly.



TWILIGHT shoots start 15 to 30 minutes after technical sunset - meaning that the start time varies throughout the year. It must be dark enough for the pool and landscape lights to show but not so dark the sky is black. There is ONLY a 15 to 20 minute window once I start shooting. TWILIGHT images are usually shot outdoors to show a mountain or pool view (towards the mountains or the house). The three elements that make for a strong twilight shoot are pool/jacuzzi, mountains and landscape lighting.  If you have all three this is the best, however I wouldn't suggest a twilight shoot unless you have at least two of the three.



Keep in mind what looks good to your eye may not look good in the camera, a much smaller, much compressed, field of view.

It’s always best, but I understand not always possible, to schedule the shoot the day after the gardener, pool person and house cleaner.

Images are delivered to you, usually, one to two business days after the shoot.  Images are less than 5MB and are approximately 3,000pixels wide by 2,000pixels tall.